Rain Video

19 04 2009

I upgraded our blog account so I can upload video, since I wanted to post this one of Cypress enjoying one of the first rain storms we had a couple of weeks ago! When it rains here, it often comes down hard like this for 15+ minutes, and may be accompanied by lightening and thunder. We’ve enjoyed some great lightening shows during the evening! It’s nice because it cools off the air for at least awhile, until the sun comes out again and then it gets hot and humid (again).




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25 04 2009

Love the video…we want MORE!!!
Great skyping with you all this morning.

21 04 2009
Rain! « Jos Librarian

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21 04 2009
Erika Callies

Love the video- like Kris said, can’t wait to see more. That reminds us of home- rain- rain- rain. Although this week we have actually had some sun!

19 04 2009
Kris Kramer

Awesome…now you’ve gone totally hight tech. Hope you put more video on the site. Hope all is well.

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