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9 04 2009

We had our first giant, gross bug in the house…a cockroach. It probably came up through the bathroom pipes while we were gone for a few days. Yuck! Then the rains came and bugs are increasing daily! We try to keep them out of the house, but it’s a challenge. A beetle dropped on to me yesterday while lying in bed.

There is a missionary family who lives on a college compound on the outskirts of town. The college has not kept up paying the electricity bill so they turned off all power to the compound. She has been coming over to iron her clothes; not for the wrinkles, but to kill the eggs laid by the mango worm fly when clothes are hung out to dry. Mango worms imbed into the skin of people and animals. Lovely!

I had the opportunity to help at a purity retreat for teenagers at the ECWA church headquarters. It was a fun and eye-opening experience. The discussion was very frank and honest and the young people had lots of insightful questions. One of the questions that stumped us Western leaders was “What should you do if your tribe requires you to be pregnant before the father will marry you?”. From this question we learned that in this particular tribe you had to prove that you would be able to have children before the man would agree to marry you. Wow! The advice given to her by one of the Nigerian leaders was to put God’s laws before the tribal custom, but it would be a tough stand to take and a tough road to walk. It was also interesting to learn that women stay at home until they get married even if they are in their late 20’s. It is very rare for a young woman to be living on her own.

The picture of the beautiful Nigerian woman and her adorable baby is Kuwi (pronounced “kwee”) and Isaac. She is helping me twice a week with cleaning and shopping. It has been hard to adjust to people coming into our house to do chores I think our family should be doing, but it is almost expected as missionaries that we will provide employment to local people. I have enjoyed getting to know her and admittedly enjoy having the help! Notice the knit hat and layers of clothes on Isaac. It was an 80+ degree day but for some unknown reason the Nigerian babies are always wrapped in multiple layers. They seem to think they are going to get cold.

We hear you are having warmer temperatures. Yeah! We are having cooler temperatures Yeah! And thunder and lightening too!

We received an envelope full of Easter cards and stickers from the Moppet helpers at MOPS. It was a neat surprise!

Gary’s Note: Kimberly has been continuing to sub…last week 2 days in Grade 2, and coming up will be 3 weeks of HS Chemistry. The teachers she is filling in for are very well prepared, which makes it easy for her to step into their class to help.  She also is prayerfully considering teaching next year and will perhaps be teaching  the school yearbook class. Please be in prayer for her as she continues to wait patiently on God’s direction!

Have a Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Prayer Requests:

  • Provision of teachers needed  (Grade 4 / MS Social Studies / HS Math)
  • HS Musical performances April 15-18 (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!)
  • Preparations for teachers departing on furloughs
  • Preparations & focus for graduating seniors



4 responses

13 04 2009

Ok, just the word ‘imbed’ grosses me out! Glad to hear you can keep them at bay with an iron. Your daily life is definitely full of adventure…what an incredible experience for your family! Prayers, love and hugs to you all!!

12 04 2009
Kris Kramer

Oh boy, bugs! How are you going to sleep at night now?

Really enjoying reading your experiences. Even though your’e far, far away, you’re close to our hearts.

11 04 2009
Erika Callies

Okay the mango worms are pretty gross, glad you have irons at your house. It’s nice to see all the great photos. Glad the rain and cooler weather is coming your way. I hope you are all doing well. Miss you- and Kim… don’t let the bed bugs bite! Do you need some Deet? As always, you are in our prayers

10 04 2009
Kathleen Lisenba

Hi friends, soooo glad to see your activities and relive great memories! I am healing slowly, God is faithful. I love reading thru my Africa book, THANK YOU again. Love and prayers

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