5 04 2009

It rained yesterday, and not just a few sprinkles, but several downpours that thundered on the tin roof in the chapel where we were rehearsing “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” this year’s HS musical theater production.  Accompanied by extended thunder and lightening (2+ hours), it was almost deafening and nearly drowned out the actors’ speaking and singing. Some of the teachers actually have a list of activities the students can do by themselves if the sound of the rain on the roof gets too loud to talk/hear over.

The coming of the rain is a time of rejoicing, with people often dashing outside to dance joyfully in the first rainstorm! The air turned cool and fresh, washing the dust out of the air. And for the rest of the afternoon and evening, the scent of rain and the cool breeze reminded us of Camano Island and the beautiful Pacific Northwest…so much that the girls put on sweatshirts, and even dug out flannel pajama pants because they were chilly.

It hasn’t rained since we were awakened by a passing shower pelting on the metal roof during the middle of the night, but it has been mostly cloudy today with only a short period of clearing during midday. It has also warmed back up and is much more humid, but not as hot as it has been for the past several weeks. And as evening is approaching, the clouds have built up again, looking dark and heavy with rain. With the additional humidity the dishes didn’t even completely dry as they usually do when we leave them in the dish drainer by the sink overnight.

We are looking forward to seeing everything green, but not as excited about the increase in bug life!




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7 04 2009
Pastor Mich

Great to talk to both of you yesterday, and I’m glad that you got some rain and cooled things down for you a bit. Don’t worry…coffee is on the way! We love and miss each of you. Great job on the blog, Gary. If I close eyes I can see some of the things and places you describe from when we were there in ’08. Keep up the great work!
Miss you all,

7 04 2009

It was great to see you all through Skype on Sunday. We’ll look forward to talking to you all again this week. Congratulations on making it to the rainy season! It sounds like Florida’s rainy season to me..downpours then humidity when absolutely nothing dries up. In the States it’s air condition time! I’m on my way to LA today to visit with Pj and Tahani, and I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures to share.

6 04 2009
Kris Kramer

So rain…hmmm….like back here on Camano!

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