Spring Break!

23 03 2009

Spring Break started on Friday for the students, although there were parent-teacher conferences so it was a work day for the rest of us. Now it’s quiet on campus, with no classes or activities, and all the hostels emptied out for the week. Officially all the teachers have spring break, too, but most of us are using some of the time to “catch up” and get ready for the remaining nine weeks of classes after the break. Classes resume next Tuesday on the 31st, so we have a bit more than a week to enjoy the slower pace, sleep in and maybe even take a nap (or two) during the heat of the afternoon!

The girls have been busy, spending time w/ their friends playing and even swimming in a nearby pool on the hot afternoons. We are hoping to make a trip north to Yankari Game Reserve at the end of the week so the girls can experience some of the African wildlife up close (hopefully some elephants!) and we can go swimming in the beautiful warm springs.

This past week was still rough on the health end…Cypress came home from school early on Monday afternoon w/ a fever and was home all day Tuesday, too. Kimberly also continued to battle stomach issues most of this week, but after some antibiotics the past few days is finally feeling better, too. Hopefully we are all healthy again for awhile…thank you for all your prayers for our health!

Kimberly was scheduled to sub for Mrs. Carlson’s HS 3 English classes Tuesday-Thursday, but I ended up subbing for her on Tuesday so she could stay home w/ Cypress. It worked out well, since all the English students are working on a research paper and it gave me more time to help them in the computer lab w/ online research sources and formatting their bibliopgrahy entries. And a couple of Grade 7 boys came in to practice their reading skills by reading stories to the Grade 1 class on the day I needed to be in the computer lab w/ the HS English classes, so Grade 1 didn’t even miss story time…what a surprise blessing!




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30 03 2009
Erika Callies

Hey guys, Hope you are all healthy again. It’s no fun being sick so we’ve been praying for you. Package got sent off last week from Jennifer, the co-op, and myself, so be praying it arrives okay and untouched. We had a lot of fun putting it together. The box it totally stuffed, no space left- about 16 pounds!
Your bunny is really cute. The girls like him a lot. Well we look forward to your next post and pictures. Take care, Erika

25 03 2009
The Clems

Hello! I always get so excited when there’s a new entry… thanks for being so faithful to let us peek into your lives each week. 🙂 Fun to hear that you’re both subbing! As always, we’re loving the pictures. Kim, no shorts at Costco yet but I’d think they’d be in soon, and let me know if you’ve had something sent to our house to send to you. We love you all!

love, Jennifer

24 03 2009
Van Etten family

Hi Payne family!
You are in our prayers and we are thinking of you often. Sorry to hear that you guys have been sick. Hope you are doing better now. We will continue to pray for you all! God Bless!
The Van Ettens

24 03 2009
Pastor Kris

The long awaited blog has arrived. We’ve got to get our weekly fix of the Payne’s adventure! You are definitely not forgotton here on Camano.

Pastor Kris

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