March 8-15

16 03 2009

This week we added 2 animals to our family. First we took in Foxy, an adult daschund who’s owner returned to Ireland. Missionary dogs seem to get passed around as people move or take a furlough. Foxy is very different from our 80+ pound Dempsey whom the Nicholas’ family took in while we are here. She attached herself to Kimberly and follows her everywhere, from room to room, and even out jogging! She was amazed how far a tiny dog could run (2+ miles!).We are all hoping she learns to follow the rest of the family soon.

Next, Cypress and Isabell are in charge of the one baby rabbit (Ralph) who survived our neighbor rabbit’s recent litter. They are so excited to have the complete responsibility of caring for this very cute rabbit. We hope the excitement continues as he grows into a big rabbit.

Jordan played her clarinet in her first Middle School Band Concert last Thursday evening. After only 8 weeks, we are impressed with how well she has picked up the instrument. In addition to the Grade 6 band, the Grade 7 choir and Grades 7-8 band also performed, w/ numerous trios and duets performing, too. All the kids did very well!

This past week was also Spiritual Emphasis Week. A short term team of six (a pastor and his wife, along w/ and 4 college students on spring break) came from Tennessee to lead daily chapel services and spend time hanging out w/ the kids here at the school and at the various hostels. The high school praise team led the worship music all week for the MS/HS services, and did an awesome job! The team had a great time getting to know the kids and did a wonderful job encouraging us all in our walk of faith. This is the first short-term team we’ve met since arriving, and it was a bit strange to be on the other side of the equation this time, watching them arrive and depart, and beginning to understand how much a short-term team visit does to encourage everyone here!

Kimberly has had opportunities to enjoy Bible study, prayer, fellowship and a meal with a group of Nigerian women. It is fun with lots of good, spicy food, but they can be hard to understand as they mix Hausa with English. It is hard for her not to just sit back and be quiet and shy while they are very talkative and laugh a lot. She will also be substitute teaching again this week, taking over 3 daily HS English classes Tuesday through Thursday while their teacher (our neighbor), Ruth Carlson, is off w/ the senior class to enjoy the beaches of Ghana.

Finally, we had a rough time with sickness this past weekend. All three girls were very ill with food poisoning. Now, Cypress and Kimberly are having flu like symptoms that come and go. It has been a bit rough, but we know it comes with the territory. We hope to report next time how much better Kimberly and the girls are feeling!

It is strange to think about the snow that has come your way as we have been so hot! The rainy season is near and everyone is excited, but the days are growing hotter until the rains arrive. We can’t recall ever being excited about rain.

Prayer requests:

  • Recovery from illnesses for Kimberly and the girls
  • Prayer for Kimberly as she subs for 3 daily English classes Tuesday-Thursday this week
  • Prayer for safety for the Senior Trip (Senior class & chaparones) as they enjoy Ghana for the week
  • Prayer for seeds of faith planted & nurtured during Spiritual Emphasis Week to take root & grow strongly!



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17 03 2009
Amy Perkins

Great photos and reporting, as always, thanks. Sorry to hear about the illnesses. Looks like Gary is reading one of the Miss Nelson books, and I saw The Lorax in another photo – very familiar. The roof of the new building is almost at the shingling stage, so much fun to watch the progress. The Raccoons were watching the men up on the roof there today and one of our children said: “Their mommies are gonna be mad at them”! We explained that it was ok that they were up there and they were being very careful too.
Bless you, Amy

17 03 2009
Pastor Kris

Hey Gary, Nice picture of storytime. How come you didn’t read us stories while you were here?


17 03 2009
Andie & boys

Hi guys! So good to be able to at least have a peek into your lives all the way across the world! We sure do miss you, even though we don’t usually see you much this time of year, it’s just knowing that we can’t that makes us miss you so much! You all look so happy and adjusted. Sawyer was looking at your photos with me and asked me if I thought you are all as happy there as you look. I told him we will keep praying that you are!!

Kim, do you still have your facebook page? I can’t seem to access it anymore!

Love and miss you guys!

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