March 1-7

8 03 2009

It is HOT here in Nigeria (90’s)…and we heard yesterday that the forecast for Stanwood/Camano Island was for the possibility of snow! It is not even cooling down much at night. It may sound wonderful after months of cold and rain, but it can be hard to go to bed hot and wake up hot.  Lately the power has been going out later in the evening (between 10-11pm), and since the moon has been bright enough to light the campus, the generator has not been turned on to save on fuel (it uses about 1/4 drum of diesel each six hours it runs). We are very thankful for the three fans in our house that at least keep the air moving, at least when we have power!

For the next 2 days we are dogsitting a 4 year old daschund who needs a home. Foxy (her already given name) was originally rescued after the family she belonged to lost their home to burning in the November crisis. She has been to several homes and now the missionary who has her is returning to Ireland. After 4 hours we have decided we like her. If she is as sweet as she appears and does well with the kids we will be her new owners. She is already enjoying our couch!

This week Hillcrest School had their elementary field day. All the students in Grades K-5 were divided into color teams. They had to invent a team cheer to perform before the games, then they all participated in a variety of fun games for team points. It was fun to watch all the kids and teachers encourage each other and learn to work together as teams, running through obstacle courses, filling bottles of water held on someone’s head, catching basketballs in rolling bins, and more!  Then on Saturday, the sophomore class hosted the much-anticipated annual community carnival complete with zip line, water slide (African style!), climbing wall, horseback rides, food, drinks and other fun activities for the kids. It was a fun social event for the entire school community and again,  just a five-minute walk from our house across campus!

We are still trying to decide when to get a car/van. The driving is very wild here and we are both a bit reluctant to start. We have enjoyed the privilege of being shuttled around by experienced drivers, but know we can’t do that forever. We have been told things like “it’s not if you get in an accident, but when…” Most accidents are minor… usually an inchaba (motorcycle) hitting a car. However it is not a matter of whose fault it was, but who has money to pay. So, if you have a car you automatically have more money and must pay. If you are baturi (white), you also have more money and must pay for damages or injuries. It is not a system of justice and is hard for me to accept. Pray for our safety and discernment as we approach the driving hurdle!

Please continue to pray for the provision of teachers needed for next year, and for the rebuilding of relationships and trust here in Jos, and farther north in Bauchi. We have been receiving your prayer requests from Camano Chapel each week (Thank you, Kathy!), and have been praying for all of you, too.




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13 03 2009
The Clems

Wow, the 90’s! Yes, we’ve had the teens and twenties, but it’s getting nicer now. Looks like the kids had a ball with all the fun events. Sadie’s thinking they’re having a pretty great time, with a new dog and fun activities! 🙂 Here’s a hug for each of you!!

10 03 2009
Kathy J

Cypress you look like a cute little gecko lizzard (sp?) hanging on the wall. How did you stay on there?? Looks like everyone had fun. That zip line looks like alot of fun!!!! It is a toasty 33 degrees now, at 4pm. But beautifully sunny. We just had a teeny snow Monday but up north and some south had more.
God bless all of you.
Love ya!!!!

9 03 2009
Kris Kramer

Yeah…more exciting pictures! Yes, it snowed here today. In fact, I put chains on our car when I went to church this morning. Can you believe it? Please give us about 20 degrees of your weather, okay?

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