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21 02 2009




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10 05 2009
Garo Video « The Paynes

[…] accompanied the Grade 4 class on their visit to Garo, an orphanage outside of Jos. She took some pictures and video while she was there, so now that I can post video, here it is. The girls are playing some […]

20 03 2009

What a delightful surprise to see the placemats! I also noticed you lifted the plates off of them so I could get a wonderful view. Thanks! I think of all of you often and send you love and hugs.

27 02 2009
Virginia Sears

Dear Payne family, hello from Camano Is. So great the see your neat pictures and read your blogs really enjoy them. You all look good and the Valentine Party look’s like it was fun, nice your friends caught up with you from the states. Did the seniors drape fabric around the tree’s? And if so why? Maybe it was just decoration, looked nice. Had a strange experience this week reminded me again of God’s protection, I heard a strange sound coming from the car, took it to Kurt and he agreed it was a strange sound he had never heard before. In checking he discovered the right wheel tire was about to fall off, tighten everything and now no strange sound, Praise!! Today made banana cookies for Ham meeting tonight, should be an interesting one, man going to talk on electricity. Bye for now, Love & Prayers, Virginia

23 02 2009

Great pictures this week. Kim, you look about as cute as the kids! Love the pictures of Isabel with her friend Lucy absolutely adorable…and Jordan, you already look older! LOVE the cool hat! You are as gorgeous as ever. As for the bridge…ah, yeah..no kidding..I hope you were able to get out and walk across. I see from Mike’s note that he is putting the responsibility on me to get Skype working so I ‘ll have to work on that again. Pj left for LA yesterday so, sadly, I’ll have time on my hands. See my Facebook for pictures.
Hugs and Kisses, Love Granny M

PS How about we get a couple of pictures of the elusive Gary.

23 02 2009

Hey guys! Without a doubt that is the scariest bridge I’ve ever seen!!! I can’t imagine walking across it, let alone riding in a heavy bus! God must have some really strong angels holding it up! 🙂

23 02 2009
Kris Kramer

Hey Jordan, Good job on that homework (from your picture). Wearing a hat, huh? Is that because yoiu are cold, or because you want to look cool? 🙂

21 02 2009

Great pics…I noticed the heart embroidered placemats for valentines day. Good to keep in touch with you all. We miss you.

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