February 14-20

21 02 2009

Isn’t Skype amazing?  It is awesome to be so far away, yet feel close to home when we can talk to you personally!  It was very fun seeing the congregation.  After our five minutes of chatting, we watched the remainder of the worship songs and some of Kris’ message.  Little doses of home are really great as we continue to adjust to Nigeria. Let us know if you have a Skype account and want to visit online sometime.

Although we have many freedoms here, we also have to be very careful in how we act, how we treat our government officials and police, where we can use a camera, and strict observance of a city wide curfew.  There is an article in Christianity Today regarding missionaries in Gambia who are imprisoned because of the words they used in an email.  For more information, go to:  www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/march/8.14.html

We have also recently experienced the compound security alarm siren.  When it goes off everyone must lock doors, windows and turn off lights and wait for the ‘all clear’.  It is to prevent armed robbery from intruders in the compound.   Needless to say, even though it was practice,  it scared the girls that we even have to think about it.

Happenings this week:

As Gary continues to put out word searches each week in the library, he has discovered that a Hillcrest maintenance worker stops by regularly to pick up 4 of them;  one for himself, his wife and his 2 children.  It touches me, that something so simple as a word search puzzle can be a highlight in somebody’s week.

I have been having fun with the 4th grade class.  Last week the teacher began the day with worship songs, took prayer requests from the kids, then had prayer time.  I then listened to them individually recite their memorized bible verse.  The joy all the kids expressed during this time was really cool, even those from other religious backgrounds!

This week we took the 4th grade class to Garo, an orphanage and school for kids rescued off the streets and from abusive situations.  Some of the abuse stories due to cult behavior and weird rituals are beyond comprehension…  Garo is not far away but it took almost an hour due to the very bumpy dirt road.  Our big bus had to cross the scariest bridge I have ever been on in a vehicle.  The driver got out of the bus, checked a few of the planks, then drove us across!

The Garo kids were excited to have us as visitors!  They sang songs and did skits for us then the Hillcrest kids did the same for them.  We also played games, served lunch and hung out with them.  It was great for the kids to see the needs of other kids their age and the help that is being provided.  In the end, they all love playing football (soccer) together no matter what their backgrounds are.




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10 05 2009
Garo Video « The Paynes

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1 03 2009

I can see in Cypress’s face that she loves Lucy very much. Is Lucy a neighbor dog?
Wow, the Garo children are beautiful and beautiful clothes. Do they get adopted out of the orphanage?

24 02 2009
Kathy J

Thats funny you said you were listening to Kris’ sermon after talking on skype. I kept hearing little noises, kid type, and Barry and I were trying to figure out where they were coming from and who’s mic was still on. Then I could hear computer typing and we saw that skype was still open and the sound was coming from you guys (just in the sound room by my computer) so we closed it thinking it didn’t get disconnected correctly. I’m sorry if we messed up your listening!!! That bridge is really something!!-talk about having faith that something will hold you up! I think and pray for you guys all the time. I miss you. I’m glad you are doing well there and are involved in lots of things. Thanks for all the pictures and stories. Does Glen send you pictures of the building? If not, let me know and I can send the ones we put up on the screen each weekend.
Love you guys!!!

24 02 2009
Amy Perkins

We continue to be blessed by your mailings and photos, the good side of computers! I still remember when I was a newlywed ( a looong time ago), and lived in a different state than my folks, that we only made phone calls to them a couple times a year for big events, everything else was by letter due to the cost of the phone calls.
Your Valentine party was really impressive, even the trees were decorated! I was surprised as I had wondered if any one besides the Americans would be celebrating Valentine’s Day.
You must win the prize for the scariest bridge crossed, that is a doozy.

The new Chapel building is really looking good, almost ready for roofing. Last week was pretty nice weather, though it’s pouring right now. I’m loving the few crocus that are blooming, promising spring will be coming.
March 1st is St.David’s Day for the Welsh, so I’ll be making my usual Welsh cakes this week, buying daffodils and singing hymns in Welsh next Sunday in Seattle. Love, Amy

23 02 2009
The Clems

Wow, the bridge is amazing!! What a great field trip… sounds very interesting. Sadie keeps asking when we can go and see you- she really missed the girls at Bible study last night! We all miss you as a group too. Jennifer

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