February 7-13

13 02 2009

The girls went to a fun swimming birthday party last weekend! The pool was at a Western-like hotel. It was odd walking into this upscale hotel in the midst of a poor city. They still have the trouble of keeping the pool filled and the water clean. It was fun watching the kids enjoy the freezing cold water. Nigerian kids are unfamiliar with swimming, so they were a bit scared and awkward in the water. They really don’t like getting their face wet. It was a good time.

Dust, extreme dry weather for 6 months, then extreme humid weather, power surges and other electricity issues are all very hard on our ‘stuff’. It forces us to make our possessions unimportant because things break down easily! Wood expands and contracts causing warps in drawers, cupboards, and closets so the doors don’t open and close nicely or at all. Since our last blog comment on electrical problems, we have had a few of our own. Our kitchen is down to one small light. Something is wrong with the wiring in the other lights. Our one ceiling fan is stuck on low speed. The portable fan we borrowed had spinning problems…and the weather is beginning to heat up as the rainy season approaches. We had a light explode, a transformer spark, and various outlets sporadically work. We are not complaining, just sharing…we laugh as we realize how our list of things needing to be fixed or replaced grows fast; how we adjust to not really needing any of them; or figure out to fix them ourselves.

Our new church is growing on us. Since Camano Chapel has been my only church, I was having a hard time allowing another church to fill those shoes. Last Sunday (2/7) the high school praise team led the worship and it was very fun! After church we had the luxury of going to a restaurant (Elisar) and enjoying Chinese and Lebanese food (NMT folks will remember this restaurant!) . It was a nice treat after trying to cook everything from scratch for the last month!

Gary and I have had opportunities to speak at various youth functions. Maybe since we are new faces at the school, we get asked to do these things. I prepared a 15 minute devotional talk for the junior high youth group (called ‘Connections’). It took me at least a couple of hours to prepare only 15 minutes of material. No wonder Pastor Kris says its takes weeks to prepare one sermon! My Bible Training Center materials were a huge help!

Gary spoke at the junior high and high school chapel time this week along with the Hillcrest Chaplain, Jason Pointer. The topic was obedience and he shared his testimony of how God has been working in our lives for the past 10 years  and leading us up to this time of returning to serve in Nigeria.

We live next door to the two hostels on campus. About 16 kids live in each one and there are hostel parents that oversee the kids. Twice I (Kimberly) have volunteered to do ‘hostel relief’ at the high school hostel so the regular parents can have time off. The high school hostel parents are Australian, grandparent age, and just finishing up 5 years of service here. Amazing! She has been of great help to me, showing me around ‘the market’, lending me things I do not have and exhibiting a great outlook on living in Nigeria. She is living in the culture and enjoying it. She drives, walks, converses in Hausa and leads a Bible study for newly married Nigerian couples. I believe God has blessed me with her presence as she reminds me of my late grandma!

We look forward to talking/skyping with all of you for a few minutes at this Sunday’s services (Feb 15)!

P.S. Our first package arrived from the U.S. It was very exciting yet a bit sad because it had been completely ripped open and there were items sent that were missing. So, if you are feeling the urge to mail us anything these are the recommendations we have received. Do not give it high value or insure it; that is a flag for something worth opening. Use very generic words or words Nigerians may not recognize. (example: culinary supplies for anything in the kitchen). Double bag any food items that can get spread all over. Tuck things into paper, tissues, feminine hygiene supplies J, or other items men do not want to go through. Then, pray over the package! Thank you for caring and encouraging us! We will let you know how the big box from Pastor Mich arrives.

Our first letter arrived in about 10 days time without harm and cost $1.89. We love those too!




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27 02 2009
Rhonda Turski

Your smiling faces says so much.
Thank you for serving.
God bless you.

24 02 2009
Sarah Eschbach

Hi you guys! Wow! You guys are so amazing! You are handling the transition to living over there so great! Sorry things aren’t working right and the weather is getting crazy…but just remember…you are breathing dust from the Saharra Dessert…how cool is that??!!
Reading how you guys spoke for the youth groups made me remember our time in Nigeria, how you were always the first to volunteer to speak and how you both had such amazing things to say! Even though I was on the team with you, you guys always impacted me with your testimony and I’m sure you’re doing the same everywhere you are going.
Praying for you guys and loving getting to read abour your experiences. (and remembering the yummy food at that restaurant!!)
Love, Sarah

20 02 2009
James Headrick

Payne family,

Great to see you guys at church on Sunday. I love the updates on this site and the Jos librarian site. Miss seeing you guys in church and around town. We are praying for you guys, Matthew 18:14.


The Headrick family

15 02 2009
The Clems

Hi there! We loved the pictures- it’s so fun to see what you’re doing and learning!! love, J.

Dear Jordan, I keep working on drawing the card for you. We really miss you up here. love, Sadie

15 02 2009

Kim, Gary & the Girls,

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading and sharing your blog with Karen & Elly. I am glad that things are going well. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rod, Karen and Elly

14 02 2009
Pastor Kris

Really enjoying your entries and pictures. I see that you are continuing to branch out in ministry. Sorry to hear of the electical problems…challenges me not to complain when our power goes out for a couple hours here on Camano. Tell the girls I said, “Hello”. We all miss you guys, but are very excited to hear from you at the services tomorrow. You get the honor of being our first “skypees”. Congratulations!

14 02 2009

Hi Guys,

Soooooo much fun to keep up with your lives. Glad the science fair went well. Everyone looks happy anyway.

You continue to be missed and in our prayers.


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