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7 02 2009



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1 03 2009

“Colorful Sisters” is definitely getting framed! You girls look amazing! Can you email that one to my Yahoo address? I finally have a digital camera and am trying to be better about taking photos. I will send some soon. I love you and miss you.

9 02 2009
Pastor Mich

Jordan, Cypress and Isabelle;
Hi kids. How are you doing? I really enjoy seeing pictures of you girs when your parents post them on the blog site. Looking at those pictures, I’m sure that you’ve already grown since I dropped you off at SeaTac airport in Seattle just a few short weeks ago. I’m so proud of each of you. I know at times it’s not been easy making the adjustment to life in Nigeria, but this much I DO know….God has His hand on your lives and He’s preparing you (through this experience) for something that lies ahead in your futures. God never wastes any of our experiences, but uses them all to shape us into the person HE wants us to be.

I’m putting a care package together for you and your family. I hope to get it all together and put it in the mail this next week. You should get it soon.

Once again, I’m so proud of you, and our family prays for you often. You are each very special to me and to all of us back home on Camano Island. Give your dad and mom a hug from Pastor Mich and Berna…OK?

Love you girls,
Pastor Mich

9 02 2009
the Vogeler's

Gary, Kim, girls — It’s fun to see your new digs! Glad to see you are getting settled. With Love, Bob, Carol, Paul, and Sonya

8 02 2009
Pastor Kris

From the pictures, it looks like the girls are getting into the Nigerian groove!

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