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7 02 2009

We are so glad you are all enjoying our blog! It is fun to journal and share our experiences with you, and very humbling to know that you make the time to keep up with our life adventures in the midst of your busy days. It is  very encouraging for us to read your comments and emails, and know that you are thinking of and praying for us. You are our connection to home and we value that so much. I (Kimberly) get very excited for my weekly time on-line! Gary has a few more opportunities during his work day to be on-line.

The elementary kids had their Science Fair on Friday. It was a big deal with all the parents and upper grades walking through to listen and see their displays. Isabell compared how water and juice evaporated. She sometimes would get the word evaporate and vibrate mixed up, so her water and juice ‘vibrated’. Very cute! Cypress fed pea seeds with milk, juice and water to see how they grew. They grew 1 plant and other gross things. We had lots of science going on this week with fermentation and worm and insect invasion. They did a great job!

I ventured out to the Gidan Bege medical outreach this week. It was very eye opening and I am still trying to sort and process all that I saw. It hurts my heart to see how few resources there are for so many people in need. All the details are in a separate post below.

I wanted to share a bit about Gary in the library since he is unlikely to share the praises he has received.  The comments coming from staff, parents and even the kids have been fun! Gary has been reading stories to the elementary classes coming in for their library time. He has given ‘recommended reading lists’ for certain grades, and the big favorite….he puts out word search puzzles for the kids to enjoy. Word gets around and brings kids to the library for the fun puzzles each week! Parents have shared with us how excited their kids are about the new librarian and the fun stuff he is doing. The teens have been overheard saying how cool it is that the new librarian is interacting with all the students. Well, it doesn’t surprise any of us that know Gary. He jumps into everything with both feet and shows people he is passionate about what he is doing! I believe he is also working on behind the scenes library technical stuff, but that doesn’t sound as exciting. You can read more life in the Hillcrest School Library at joslibrarian.

The girls and I picked out material and patterns, and were measured for our Nigerian outfits by the women at Meshias Foundation. I wondered how these clothes could make them so excited, but I think it helps them feel a part of being here.

Please pray for Jordan as she is missing her friends a lot right now. She has met some great other girls which I think makes her miss her friends at home too. She has been invited overnight but isn’t quite ready for that. We each have our moments of missing people and elements of home. It comes and goes along with the amazing and unexplainable joy that comes with being in the center of God’s will.

And we received great news today…praise God, our house is rented!




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11 02 2009
Virginia Sears

Hello everyone, I thank God for answered prayer, so glad your house is rented. Enjoy reading about your daily happenings and the pictures really are nice and help us stay connected, thanks for sharing. Girls, were you surprised to see a little material turn into a pretty dress? That is really fun, I like making things from time to time, thinking about the Mop’s auction coming up not sure what I will make, but it will be fun. Congratulations girls on your very nice projects, looks like you put a lot of work into them. Good job. Bye for now.
Love & Prayers,

9 02 2009
Amy Grannum

Thinking of you!
Love the pictures and the posts….thanks for updating!
God Bless-
The Grannum’s

8 02 2009

Hello, Paynes! I have been keeping up with your adventures and love seeing the pictures & reading your stories. Please know that you all are in our prayers and my women’s small group at church prays for you weekly, too. Kim, I have access to medical supply donations at work so if you see a need, let me know and I can see what I can do. Also, I’m organizing a quarterly “Crafting for a Cause” group where we a making blankets, dresses, hats, and other necessities for local and global organizations with needs. If you see needs that our group could help with, let me know. Love you all! The Nickells

7 02 2009

Love the girls in their outfits! It appears schooling is good there. Interesting…there looks to be plenty of fabric, yet no bottles for medications. We enjoy keeping up with your new experiences. Thank you!

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