A new day, a new year, a new adventure!

1 01 2009

I had thought of taking and posting pictures of what our house looks like right now, but I can describe it in one word: CHAOS!

There are boxes and stuff everywhere in the house, although now we are concentrating on moving everything that is going with us into the (now empty) dining room. We’ve been tossing things into the boxes that are going with us, but now they need to be unpacked and repacked more deliberately so we can 1) make sure they don’t weigh more than 50 lbs, 2) have an inventory of what’s in each box for customs (and us!), and 3) make sure there is nothing major that we have forgotten to pack

Best of all have been the stream of friends stopping by to help out and visit the past week, and those planning on stopping by in the next few days. They have blessed us with labors of love, gifts of food,  picking up and dropping off friends to play with Jordan, Cypress and Isabell, helping to clean out rooms, pack boxes, share smiles and tears, and remind us daily of the importance of not getting too hung up and stressed out about all the things we think we need to get done, and best of all…HUGS, along with many words of love, encouragement and support.  And as I site here writing this post at the end of another long day, tears of joy are streaming down my face, rejoicing at the love and friendship God has blessed our family with through your lives over the years, and getting just a glimpse of how much we will miss all of you in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Yet through all the tools of technology that we now have available, we will will be able to stay in touch with you regularly…amazing and wonderful! Please feel free to send email and leave comments through the blog…we quickly learned how important it is to stay connected with everyone praying for us when we were part of the short-term mission team just one short year ago, and are so very thankful for ALL of your prayers and support that flow over and through our lives every day…thank you.

Our departure for our new adventure is now in 5 (short!) days away…

Prayer requests:

  • Focusing on God’s ongoing, amazing provision and plans for us throughout the chaos!
  • Managing to remember all the small details that need to be done before we go!
  • Staying healthy as we prepare, travel, and arrive
  • Renters for our house in the near future



One response

7 01 2009
Amy Grannum

We are THINKING of YOU!!!!!!
Hoping your travels were as you expected!
Best wishes getting settled in your new environment.
God Bless you in this mission!
Love and Prayers-
The Grannum’s

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