Two weeks…

23 12 2008

It’s hard to believe how quickly the days are passing. We spent last week down in central Oregon w/ Kimberly’s family.  Her sister lives down there, and with her work schedule it’s easier for all of us to go down there. The girls enjoyed time swimming. ice skating, and playing in the snow, although w/ temperatures down near zero, we didn’t spend all that much time outside! Usually we leave the winter weather behind, but this time we drove all the way home in it…a VERY long, slow, snowy and slippery drive! While we were away, winter weather came to the Pacific Northwest and Camano Island…just take a look at the pictures below!

On the preparation front, we’re busier packing boxes of all types (Nigeria, storage, and donation), trying to make sure all the necessary address and account changes happen, rent our house, and connect w/ friends and family. Ziggy (our cat) seems to be adjusting to his new home w/ friends, and Dempsey (our 80lb mutt) enjoyed spending last week at his new home while we were gone, playing w/ his 2 new buddies in the snow. And we received a call today that our visas are ready and should arrive here tomorrow…God’s provision and timing are perfect!

Thank you for all your ongoing support, prayers, friendship and love!  Words do not adequately express how deeply you all have (and continue to) touch our lives!




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