Kimberly’s Thoughts

6 12 2008

As we pass through the 5 week mark, we seek God’s peace and direction often!  These last weeks could easily be stressful and chaotic, but we are determined, with Jesus leading the way, to make it a beautiful Christ-filled Christmas season.

I shared at our ‘good-bye’ potluck at church what we will miss and what we are looking forward to…

  • Camano Chapel…Not the building, but our church family
  • Time with my parents and the kids grandparents
  • The beach
  • Espresso…we will have our coffee, but no lattes.  Even if we brought an espresso machine, lattes with powdered milk don’t sound appetizing!
  • Dempsey and Ziggy…we are so thankful to Jack & Theresa, and Bill & Laurie for taking care of our precious family members!
  • Friends…we treasure all of you so much!  We hope & pray we stay connected with you!
  • The quiet peaceful south end of Camano…It’s a different world down here, but we have loved it!
  • Hair foils
  • Waterskiing!
  • Homeschooling

We are excited for:

  • Sunshine
  • Nigerian worship
  • A smaller house to clean
  • Close neighbors
  • Talking about God regularly
  • A slower pace of life
  • A new culture
  • New friends

The past week we’vs been hearing news of the violence and deaths in Jos.   Instead of feeling panicked and scared, God is truly giving us peace and confidence and a desire to serve hurting and scared people!    I know some do not understand our decision and willingness to take our family to a 3rd world unstable country.  We don’t have a magic answer, just a trust in God’s plans and provisions for our family.




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