Five Weeks!

3 12 2008

Um…I’m not sure what happened to weeks seven and six…the days seem to be going by quicker as our departure date gets closer!

Our airline tickets have been confirmed, and we’re still awaiting the processing and arrival of our visas. There are boxes all over the house…one set that for things that will go with us, one set for things headed for storage, and one set for things to be donated…and in the midst of it, the house is up for rent, so we’ve had some people coming through to look at it. The good news is that we have not yet filled up the 15 boxes that we planned for, so we’re hoping that we will manage to travel a bit more “lightly” than we anticipated, and perhaps have some “extras to take along to share with others when we arrive.

Things seem a bit surreal right now as our lives are in transition. We are cherishing the time we have left before we leave, realizing that we are doing many things and spending time with many of our friends and family here for the last time for quite awhile. There is much joy and laughter sharing time together, but also sadness and tears in quieter moments.

Throughout all the activity of packing and preparation, and in light of the recent violence in Jos, we continue to rest and trust in God’s plan for our future, and are thankful for the encouragement, support and prayers of our friends and family!




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