8 weeks (minus)

14 11 2008

The 8 week mark went by back on Tuesday, so this post is a few days behind.

The visa paperwork has arrived in Washington, DC for the next step in processing…sort of. Unfortunately, I forgot to include printed copies of the online applications, so now I have to recreate those, print them, and send them along to catch up with the other paperwork. So I’ll get that done over the weekend and send off another round of paperwork on Monday, so it should be there by Wednesday.

This week we all visited the dentist (Kimberly’s uncle). With all five of us, we fill up the waiting room and were there for a couple of hours to get everyone done. The list of appointments is getting shorter. I think the kids are done, but Kimberly and I still have a few left to get done before we go. It’s a bit strange to think of how many things we (usually) take for granted are being done for the last time for quite awhile. It definitely puts a different perspective on life, and makes us appreciate how blessed we are to have easy access to medical care, restaurants, espresso (!), and stores of all types. Yet at the same time, that ease of access also so easily and often distracts us from focusing on our relationship w/ God and with those around us!

We are praying that as the holidays approach, we (and you!) will remaing focused on relationships w/ family and friends, and will not be distracted and decieved into thinking that “busyness” is (more) important, even with everything that *seems* to need to happen before our departure date.

Thank you for your prayers and commitments of support for our family. It is so very encouraging to us every single day!




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