The Countdown: 9 weeks

5 11 2008

Praise! The visa paperwork traveled from Nigeria to Texas last week and arrived at our house on Saturday (11/1). It’s now Wednesday, and a pile of neccesary paperwork has been gathered (4 copies each of about a dozen required documents!). We also needed to gather additional information to complete the online visa forms for the Nigerian Embassy. I’m hoping to get the online forms completed and the paperwok mailed off by the end of the week, but since Cypress 8th birthday celebration began today (11/5) and continues w/ various events for the next couple of days, it may be Monday before it gets mailed off.

Kimberly assembled one of the 15 boxes we have on hand for packing. We are hoping to actually take a few less than 15, but that is the maximum number we can take w/ our reservations through Missionary Travel Services (MTS). Anyway, the box is now sitting in the corner of our bedroom, and is a very visible reminder of the journey ahead of us that is quickly approaching. And now when we shop, we have to stop and think about either purchasing extra to take along w/ us, or not buying in quantity (at Costco), since we won’t use it all before we leave!

Thank you for your continued prayer, encouragemen and support. It keeps us going and helps us to remain focused on God’s provision, timing, and joy in the midst of everything!




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