The countdown begins…

28 10 2008

Wow…only 10 weeks until we begin our travel journeys to Nigeria! In the past week, things have really come into focus.

There was a flurry of activity last week as we adjusted for the changes in the visa application requirement on the Nigeria end of things, scanning and emailing passport pages along w/ an official letter of acceptance for the librarian position. This week (Tuesday), our visa paperwork is being carried from Nigeria and will be mailed to us upon arrival in Texas. When we receive it here, we’ll complete the final application and payment process online before sending it to the service agency in Washington, DC. The visa processing is supposed to take about 10 days.

We now have airline reservations for January 6, 2009. Our flight will leave Seattle in the evening and we’ll fly overnight to London, where we’ll spend most of the day before leaving in the late evening for another overnight flight to Abuja, Nigeria. The flight is scheduled to arrive in Abuja at 5:30am on January 8th after spending 16+ hours(!) on airplanes. Once we get through immigration and customs, we’ll be picked up by the Hillcrest School van and begin the 3+hour drive from Abuja to Jos. That’s a grand total of almost 48 hours of travel from start to finish…if things go well…UGH!!

Thank you for the continual blessing of your prayers! They bring us strength and encouragement each day, help us to stay focused on God’s timing, provision and plan for our family. Our goal for the next 10 weeks is to continue to share joyful time w/ friends and family, especially through the celebrations of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons!





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