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23 09 2008

The highlight of the weekend was opening up my email Saturday night and finding pictures of the house we will be living in when we get to Nigeria. Suddenly, it all became much more “real” for the girls. They’ve been hearing stories and looking at pictures since January, but it was all still very abstract, at least for the younger two (Cypress & Isabell). It’s located on the Hillcrest School campus (gotta love that commute to work & school!), and is actually a duples. Our neighbors will be Stu & Ruth Carlson, along w/ their two children (14 & 17), 2 dogs, 40 bunnies and one monkey. I’m not sure about the 40 bunnies, but Stu has already confirmed the 2 dogs and one monkey! They were at the Spiritual Life Conference when were were there back in January, so we’ve already met them, even if only briefly! And even better, Stu is the Maintenance Supervisor @ Hillcrest…what a great guy to have close by.

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12 10 2008
Laura Goheen

Gary – this is just awesome. I’m so excited for you and your 4 women! Thanks for playing at SPCC last night. I pray God’s hand of blessing through Jesus Christ as you spend the next months preparing for this major move.

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