Who, Me?!?

19 09 2008

Written in May 2008, four months after returning from a short term mission to Nigeria. Visit the blog for the mission trip here.


“Who, me?!?”

Having been to Africa before, I was excited to return, even knowing that Nigeria is very different from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Having been on a short term mission trip to Mexico before, I was prepared and even excited, to be challenged and changed by God, even if I wasn’t sure what those changes would be, how I would accept them, or where they would lead me. Never mind snakes, bugs, or even the potential serious illnesses…the biggest challenge was that both Kimberly and I would be half a world away from our children for three weeks, entrusting them to God and loving, caring family and friends!

In the weeks leading up that early morning departure from Camano Chapel, my fervent, repeated prayer was that everyone on our team would walk with God on this adventure having open hearts, eyes and minds, allowing Him to draw us closer to Him, closer to each other, and work through us and in us every step of the way. Our God is a God of amazing wonder, and throughout our trip to Nigeria He touched our lives in ways that Kimberly and I never expected or imagined!

He brought us there to Nigeria together and immediately surrounded us with missionary families (including Jim, Salome & Janelle) so we could see how they live. We soon discovered that they are not people to be put up on a pedestal, but ordinary, everyday families who have responded to His call with willing hearts, trusting in His provision every day. In short, they are families very much like our own.

“Who, me?!?”

We no longer look at Africa as a vast continent with problems and suffering beyond our help or caring. We met so many people who have hope for their future and faith in God because others have been willing to invest their lives and share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with them. We now have wonderful friends in Africa, and we miss them.

“Who, me?!?”

In three short weeks, the people and way of life in Africa grabbed hold of our hearts and hasn’t let go. Almost immediately after our return home, we began to pursue opportunities God presented for me to use my professional skills as a librarian to serve Him on the mission field in Nigeria. It has been an intense process of continuous prayer, and striving to trust in His plans, timing and provision for our family. It has been a time of blessing in our lives through the many ways God has been working in our hearts and lives, and through the prayer, support and encouragement of the Nigeria Mission Team and our Camano Chapel family!

At this time (May), we are awaiting an official offer for a librarian position from Hillcrest School, the Christian K-12 school in Jos, Nigeria, where Janelle Crouch and many other missionary kids we met attend. If it is God’s timing, our efforts will be leading toward an initial commitment of moving our family of 5 to Jos, Nigeria to serve at Hillcrest School from January 2009 through June 2011. Please be in prayer for God’s plans and provision for our lives!

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8b NIV)




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